10/04/2010 - 10/05/2010 Processing directed to another processing environment. Data was recovered.
10/06/2010 Stalled data ingest from EDOS. The Alaska High Rate Line to EDOS is currently down. Because of the outage EDOS customers should expect a delay in both level zero PDS and near real time RBD product deliveries for Aqua, Aura and EO-1.  Data continues to be successfully captured at Alaska and processing will resume when the line becomes available.
11/03/2010 Did not ingest data for the last 4 half-orbits of day 20101103 from EDOS. There is a gap in the data from 1958 to 0055. The Aqua contacts on DOY 307 for 19:04z, 22:16z, and 23:55z did not have any APID 402 AMSR-E data because of a spacecraft commanding issue that occurred when the low rate line to Alaska went down.
11/15/2010 Lost ingest from EDOS for ~ 3 hours on secondary server. Data was recovered.
12/01/2010 - 12/02/2010

Lost ingest from EDOS on primary server.
No ingest from 1539 on 12/01/2010 to 0909 on the 12/02/2010.

Data was recovered.
2/27/2011 Planned network outage on backup server (gwen2) from 6am until 2pm .

Data was recovered.

4/27/2011 - 5/5/2011 Severe weather outbreak, lost power for a week on both systems (primary and backup). Data was not recovered.
6/11/2011 The high rate line from Alaska was down from 0700z -1838z impacting the Aqua data transmission to EDOS. Data was recovered.
9/9/2011 Files AMSR_E_L2A_BrightnessTemperatures_ZZ_201109090202_D.hdf and AMSR_E_L2A_BrightnessTemperatures_ZZ_201109090321_A.hdf have invalid values for the equator crossing longitude. No data products were generated for these 2 files.