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The AMSR-E antenna stopped spinning at 0726GMT Oct 4, most likely due to aging lubricant in the mechanism.  AMSR-E is currently not producing any data.  The Aqua spacecraft accommodated the spin-down, which occurred over a period of about 25 minutes, and continues to operate normally, with all other instruments functioning in science mode.  NASA will work with JAXA to understand the condition of the AMSR-E instrument and possible future steps.


The Land Atmosphere Near-Real-Time Capability for EOS (LANCE) system provides access to near-real-time data (less than 3 hours from observation) from AIRS, AMSR-E, MLS, MODIS, and OMI instruments. Users, operational agencies and researchers utilize these products for a wide range of purposes (weather forecasting to monitoring natural hazards). These users often need data much sooner than routine science processing allows and are willing to trade science quality for timely access. Science quality products (28-48hrs latency) should be used for latency independent research and applications.

All LANCE users are required to register to access data. Please use the self-registration tool to register for LANCE data access.

New: Upgraded L2A near real-time algorithm and Incremental Daily Processing

Details are available on our What's New Page.